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Passing info from one person to another
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Verbal communication ?
Conveying a message using words or vocal sounds
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Paralinguistics ?
Vocal features that accompany speech
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Tone of voice ?
The way words are spoken to convey emotion
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Emphasis ?
Giving prominence to some words more than others
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Inotation ?
Inflection in the voice when speaking
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Non - verbal communication ?
Conveying a message without using words or vocal sound
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Verbal communication study ?
A- see if tone of voice has an effect when interpreting a verbal message M- friendly or hostile message with either friendly or hostile tone of voice. R- when interpreting message , tone of voice had 5times effect. C- tone of voice is important
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Eye contact ?
Two people I. Conversation look into each other's eyes at the same time
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Eye contact study. ?
A- interrupting eye contact affects conversation . M- participants observed having convo. Half way through the participant wore dark glasses so other couldn't receive eye contact . R- with glasses there were more pauses . C- eye contact important
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What is the hemisphere of the brain ?
Brain divided into two halves called the left and right hemispheres
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Facial expression study ?
A- relationship between hemisphere and facial expression. M- pictures of face cut in 2 new pictures created . Participant was asked which they liked better. R- preferred pic of left side of face with reflection said looked 'warmer'. C- left side
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Posture study ?
A- poster all echo and convo. M- confederate had convo with individuals.Half convo's copied posture. People were asked whether they liked confederate. R- posture copied= liked. C- postural echo = unconcious friendly
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Body language ?
General term to describe aspects of NVC
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Posture ?
Positioning of body, NVC signal
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Postural echo ?
Mirroring someone's body position
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Actor who appears to be a participant but is actually working for experimenter
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Closed posture ?
Positioning arms so that they are folded across the body. Also crossing legs
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Open posture ?
Positioning arms so they aren't folded across body and legs uncrossed
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Gestures study ?
A- gestures on customers. M- waitors/waitresses asked to either stand or crouch down when taking orders. R- squat down= larger tip. C- squatting down has a positive effect on tipping behaviour.
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Form of NVC in which info is conveyed by movement of part of the body
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Touch ?
For of NVC info conveyed by physical contact
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Touch study ?
A- effect of touch on peoples attitudes. M- librarian lightly touched half students when handing books , others not touched. R- touched= liked librarian and library. C- touch has unconscious positive effect.
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Sex differences study?
A- sex differences affect personal space. M- convo between some same sex some different. R- break eye contact with opposite sex . C - more space between opposite sex
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Personal space ?
Space we keep between ourselves and other people
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Sex differences ?
Differences due to being male or female which could effect personal space between individuals
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Individual differences ?
Factors that make someone different to everyone else
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Individual difference study ?
A- age has effects personal space. M- 800 individual observed. R- stand closer to people own age. C- age difference effect how close we stand next to each other
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Cultural norms study ?
A- cultural differences in personal space. M- white English people and Arab people observed in conversation. R- English stood 1-1.5m . Arab stood closer. C- personal space varies with culture
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Cultural norms ?
Behaviour that a particular group in society are expected to show.
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Status study ?
A- status has effect on personal space. M- equal and unequal status observed. R - low status didn't approach people of higher status. C- personal space varies with status
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Status ?
Person rank or position within society
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