Nursing the person with deteriorating health


1. During shock cells produce energy by which method?

  • Anaerobic metabolism
  • Simple diffusion
  • Aerobic metabolism
  • Cellular transport
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2. Calculate the MAP for a BP of 130/70.

  • 60
  • 80
  • 90
  • 70

3. What causes a pneumothorax?

  • An accumulation of fluid in the plural space
  • An accumulation of air in the plural space
  • An accumulation of blood in the plural space
  • An accumulation of pus in the plural space

4. Shock can best be described as:

  • A hypermetabolic reaction
  • A poor urinary output
  • Inadequate tissue perfusion
  • An increase in cardiac output

5. The main purpose of the primary survey is:

  • To allocate specific roles to the trauma team
  • To identify and manage those conditions which are immediately life threatening
  • To provide a framework for the management of trauma patients
  • To quickly provide definitive treatment following the secondary survey


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