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1. The rapture

  • Moment when the tribulation ends and the earth is transformed into the physical kingdom of God.
  • moment when certain people will be transported to Heaven to live with Christ forever there.
  • The period of suffering and destruction that will precede Christs second coming.
  • Belief that we are now very close to the millennium.
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2. World- rejecting NRMS

  • may focus on helping members to succeed in outside world
  • See movement as only source of salvation
  • More tolerant of other religions

3. Cults are-

  • Accept outside world completely
  • based on a completely new interpretation of existing beliefs
  • Breakaway group from existing religion or denomination

4. '.. although not objectively or physically deprived, may feel that they are spiritually or emotionally deprived, despite their material wealth their surroundings may feel lonely and impersonal'.

  • Dissatisfaction with beliefs of mainstream religions.
  • Relative deprivation theory
  • Marginality hypothesis
  • Influence of powerful charismatic leaders

5. Sociologist who divided religious groups into 4 categories

  • Wallis
  • Weber
  • Wilson
  • Stark and Bainbridge


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