Norman England

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5 January 1066
King Edward the Confessor dies
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6 January 1066
King Edward buried and Harold Godwinson crowned King same day
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14 October 1066
Battle of Hastings
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25 December 1066
William of Normandy crowned King of England
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Winter of 1069 into 1070
The Harrying of the North - salted and burned areas of North of England
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East Anglia rebellion of Hereward the Wake and his allies
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The revolt of the Norman Earls
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The results of the Domesday survey collated and Domesday book created
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Death of King William I - his eldest son Robert Curthose becomes Duke of Normandy and his second eldest son William Rufus becomes King William II
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Norman Barons and Robert Curthose rebel against William Rufus - Rufus responds quickly cutting off their support
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Scottish rebellion - King Malcolm of Scotland killed in 1093
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William Rufus recognised as the ruler of Normandy
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King William II killed and his brother Henry crowned King Henry I
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8 September 1066
King Harold has to disband his fleet and southern army
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20 September 1066
Battle of Fulford Gate
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25 September 1066
King Harold beats Harald Hardrada and his invading forces at the Battle of Stamford Bridge
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28 September 1066
William Duke of Normandy lands at Pevensey
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6 October 1066
King Harold arrives back in London
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11 October 1066
King Harold leaves London choosing not to wait for 30,000 reinforcements
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11 August 1066
William ready to launch an invasion from Normandy
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13 October 1066
King Harold reaches the South Downs
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March 1067
William returns to Normandy - unrest in Herefordshire and Wales
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December 1067
William returns to England and William distributes land in areas of potential rebellion to his loyal Barons
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Rebellions in the South West of England - Siege of Exeter by William. Earls Edwin, Morcar and Edgar the Aetheling flee the North
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January 1069
Rebels burn Norman Earl Robert of Commines to death in Durham. Rebellion spreads to York. Vikings invade. Revolts in Dorset, Somerset, Staffordshire and Cheshire. King Malcolm of Scotland marries Edgar's sister Margaret.
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Scotland invades Northern England
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Last English Earl Waltheof killed by beheading. Scotting raids in Northumbria.
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Fyrd used to deal with rebellion at Exeter
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Fyrd used to deal with rebellion of Norman Earls in East Anglia
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Waltheof removed from position
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Survey of England agreed.
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Robert rebels against his father and is exiled to Italy
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Robert becomes Duke of Normandy
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Rebellion against William II led by Robert and his uncle Bishop Odo of Bayeux
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William II claims Normandy and wages war on Robert whom he defeats
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William II argues with Bishop Anselm of Canterbury because William was too involved in church affairs
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Archbishop Anselm leaves England for Rome and William II seizes his estates.
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Robert attempts and invasion of England which fails.
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1072 (Durham Cathedral)
Norman chapel built
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1075 (Durham Cathedral)
Bishop of Durham becomes Prince Bishop of Durham
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1093 - 1133 (Durham Cathedral)
Cathedral is built over 40 year period
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1096 (Durham Cathedral)
The quire is complete
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1128 (Durham Cathedral)
The Naive is completed
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43 AD
Romans introduce School in major towns, only rich people get educated, latin was the main language
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400 AD
Britain's becoming Christian, towns are declining so schools are closed, as a result monks take over teaching. Church schools open in monasteries, speaking Latin declines and the vernacular is used more.
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400-500 AD
Welsh, Irish and English become more widely spoken. Latin is still used for religious and educational texts. Teachers develop ways of teaching foreign grammar and this becomes the basis for teaching French, German and other languages.
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600-1000 AD
Monks and Nuns continue to teach pupils, a few of whom are girls. They are taught subjects such as theology, medicine and history in Latin, but from the 9th century lessons are taught in English.
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900 AD
A monk named Aelfrick is the 1st person to translate Latin text book into English, which is used in England until after the Norman conquest.
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King Edward buried and Harold Godwinson crowned King same day


6 January 1066

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Battle of Hastings


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William of Normandy crowned King of England


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The Harrying of the North - salted and burned areas of North of England


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