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2. What were the houses/buildings made of?

  • They didnt have houses, they were poor
  • Wood frame and grass/horse poo walls
  • wood frame and walls made of wattle and daub
  • Brick exteroir and wooden beams for extra support

3. The Nobles gave land and precious objetcs were given to church, but what else did the normans do?

  • The precious objects given to the church were in fact stolen from other churches across Europe
  • The Normans burnt all books written in Old English
  • They tired to control Bishops, Priests etc so they could give valuable pposts to their relatives
  • Normans killed them all

4. Once the Normans took over, wat happened to the Anglo-Saxon books?

  • The books were altered
  • Language wa changed to Latin
  • They were burned
  • Nothing happened

5. The Bayeux Tapastry was made when?

  • 1066
  • 1089
  • 1076
  • 1057


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