Non-verbal communication quiz

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1. What is a practicle implication of the studies into eye contact?

  • The studies help us to understand how eye contact happens
  • The studies help us to understand why we may feel uncomfortable talking to people that don't look at us at all.
  • Eye contact makes conversations awkward.
  • To see if eye contact effects the flow of conversation.
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2. What are paralinguistics?

  • Conveying messages with the eyes
  • Talking in pain
  • The vocal features that accompany speech
  • Gestures and motions that we use to convey messages

3. What effect does pupil dilation have on our opinions of peoples appearances?

  • A study showed that we're more attracted to pictures of people with dilated pupils.
  • Pupil dilation makes the face look more friendly.
  • A study showed that we're more attracted to pictures of people with pupils that aren't dilated.
  • Pupil dilation doesn't affect how we judge peoples appearances.

4. What affect does tone of voice have on the way we interpret messages?

  • ToV has five times the effect of the message itself
  • It doesn't affect how we interpret messages
  • Can make us dislike people
  • It makes messages sound sarcastic

5. Which isn't an example of closed posture?

  • Crossing your legs
  • Hugging yourself
  • Arms to your side
  • Arms folded


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