Non-Verbal Communication Quiz

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1. What is the aim of the study into personal space?

  • To see if personal space is more or less popular
  • To see how we react to people standing closely and far away to us.
  • To see if sex differences affect personal space
  • To see if people like more or less personal space
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2. What is an evaluation into Argyle and Deans study?

  • Factors can be misleading
  • We don't think about it at all
  • We like people with facial hair
  • We stand closer to people of the same sex

3. Which of the following is not closed posture?

  • Putting hands by your side
  • Folding your arms
  • Hugging yourself
  • Crossing your legs

4. What is Postural Echo?

  • Mirroring someones body posture
  • Looking in the mirror and liking how you stand
  • Shouting posture loudly into the cave
  • When your posture is eco friendly

5. Who wrote the study into personal space?

  • Loftus and Palmer
  • Argyle and Dean
  • Sakiem
  • Adorno


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