Non Verbal Communication- week 5

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1. What is the facial feedback theory?

  • All of the above
  • Through manipulation of our facial expressions we can then prompt particular emotions in ourselves.
  • As we move our facial muscles we are sending signals to the brain
  • Signals that are send to the brain are experiencing an emotion and then we may ignite that very emotion within ourselves.
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2. Who stresses the importance of social factors on facial expression?

  • Moss
  • White & Gardner
  • Fridlund & Knapp & Hall
  • Cornelius

3. "The degree of ... contact considered socially acceptable between different groups of people varies greatly from culture to culture" (Matsumoto, Knapp & Hall)

  • Eye
  • Hand
  • Face
  • Body

4. Who says that it is not confined to infants:imitation builds rapport between adults. When people wish to be liked, they unconsciously imitate more, and imitation can be used purposefully.

  • Meltzoff
  • Moore
  • Dijksterhuis
  • Baaren

5. Our words and non verbal communication need to be ... if we are to be seen as credible.

  • Opposite
  • Different
  • Congruent
  • Distinguishable


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