Non-fatal Offences.

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1. What was said in R v Thomas?

  • There is implied consent in normal social situations.
  • Touching someone's clothes is battery.
  • Unlawful touching can be the smallest of touches.
  • Force can be indirect.
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2. Who defined battery?

  • Ireland;Burstow
  • Haystead
  • Fagan
  • Collins v Wilcock

3. What was said in Haystead?

  • Psychiatric harm is sufficient
  • Doing nothing is sufficient
  • Force can be indirect.
  • Touching someone's clothes can be battery

4. Which case established that occasioning means cause?

  • R v Roberts
  • Haystead
  • Venna
  • Thomas

5. What was said in Ireland?

  • Actions alone are sufficient for assault.
  • Assault can be indirect
  • Immediate does not mean instantaneous.
  • Words can negate an assault.


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