Non Fatal Offences: Assault and Battery Quiz

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1. Which case states that; the fear of possibility of immediate force is enough for an assault?

  • R v Venna
  • R v Bollom
  • Smith v Chief Superintendent of Woking Police Station
  • Tuberville v Savage
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2. Which is maximum sentences for assault?

  • 12 months or £5000
  • 6 months or £5000
  • 6 months or £10,000
  • 12 months or £10,000

3. Which of these cases state that stalking can count as an assault?

  • R v Cunningham and R v Lamb
  • R v Ireland and R v Constanza
  • Tuberville V Savage and R v Cunningham
  • R v Roberts and R v Thomas

4. Which is point of law from R v Haystead?

  • Explains the mens rea of battery
  • A battery may be an indirect act
  • Cutting hair is a battery
  • Touching clothing is a battery

5. Which is the mens rea of assault?

  • Intention and/or Cunningham Recklessness
  • Direct Intent
  • To foresee that some harm might occur
  • Cunningham Recklessness


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