NLM Sociology as applied to Medicine - BM5 NLM1

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1. What's the point of narrative reconstruction?

  • To prove that sociology is a real science
  • To bring coherence and meaning to our stories
  • To bring laughter and joy to the world
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2. How does Normativism suggest normality can be defined?

  • Interpretatively
  • Objectively
  • Statistically

3. Which of the following is a reason why the social model of disability may be unhelpful to a disabled person?

  • If an impairment could be improved and isn't, a disabled person's quality of life could potentially suffer
  • Changing the environment can improve a disabled person's life
  • It encourages disabled people to take an active role in helping to manage their own healthcare needs

4. What is biographical disruption in relation to medicine?

  • The ways in which a person's life becomes profoundly disrupted by trauma, chronic illness or injury
  • The changing of narratives following a disruptive event such as an accident or illness

5. How does Naturalism suggest normality can be defined?

  • Statistically
  • Subjectively
  • Interpretatively


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