NLM Sociology as applied to Medicine - BM5 NLM1

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1. True or false: biographical disruption and narrative reconstruction are profoundly influenced by physical, social, cultural, financial and cognitive factors?

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2. Which of the following is a reason why the social model of disability may be unhelpful to a doctor?

  • Improved communication
  • Can be seen by doctors to limit the effectiveness of treatment
  • Improved doctor-patient relationship

3. What is demedicalisation?

  • The process whereby a human condition or life process is no longer considered a medical problem requiring medical intervention
  • The process whereby human conditions and problems come to be seen as medical conditions requiring medical intervention

4. How does Normativism suggest normality can be defined?

  • Interpretatively
  • Objectively
  • Statistically

5. Which of the following most accurately describes the social model of disability?

  • The problem is the disabled person's social group
  • The problem is the disabling world
  • The problem is the disabled person


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