Niger Delta: Development versus environmental protection

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1. What are the main social issues caused?

  • Livelihoods damaged leading to no food/poorer populations, local facilities underfunded, poor sanitation, pollution, etc.
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  • Humans and livelihoods gain extra nutrients from the oil spills into rivers, allows them to become more resilient.
  • The environmental issues outweigh the social issues, making any social issue irrelevant.
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2. According to the UN, ow bad are the oil spills in the Niger Delta over the past 5 years?

  • Incredibly bad. They will cost US$4billion to clean up over 20 years.
  • Not too bad. They will cost US$50million to clean up over 10 years.
  • Very bad. They will cost US$1billion to clean up over 30 years.
  • Fairly bad. They will cost US$90million to clean up over 20 years.

3. Why has this become such a big issue for the Delta Basin?

  • Weak governance and a reliance on oil revenue means oil companies can do whatever they want.
  • Local people are happy with the exploitation as long as they get money, so they aren't fighting to change it.
  • Companies enjoy harming local people just for the fun of it.
  • Good governance and no need for oil means that oil companies can do what they want.

4. How many people live in the Niger Delta?

  • 22 million people/35 different ethnic groups.
  • 31 million people/40 different ethnic groups.
  • 14 million people/20 different ethnic groups.
  • 32 million people/60 different ethnic groups.

5. What are the main environmental issues caused?

  • Acid rain, mangrove forests damaged, release of pollutants, etc.
  • Environmental cars blow up, especially kias.
  • Fresh flowing rivers, healthy forests, etc.
  • The social issues significantly outweigh the environmental issues, deeming them insignificant.


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