Nietzsche = Birth of Tragedy

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… by a metaphysical
miracle of the Helenic ‘will’, the two seem to be coupled … and … beget the work of art that is as Dionysiac as it is Apolline – Attic tragedy’.
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[Apollo is] the ...
glorious divine image of the principium individuationis
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But, at this juncture, when the
will is most imperiled,[Apollonian] art approaches, as a redeeming and healing enchantress; she alone may transform these horrible reflections on the terror and absurdity of existence into representations with which man may live. SS7
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Euripides [separates] ...
this primitive and all-powerful Dionysian element from tragedy SS12
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Optimistic dialectic ...
drives music out of tragedy with the scourge of its syllogisms: that is, it destroys the essence of tragedy SS14
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[Dionysiac and Apollonian forces are] ...
artistic powers which spring from nature itself’ SS2
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the tragic myth has to convince us that even ...
ugliness and discord are an artistic game which the will, in the eternal abundance of its pleasure, plays with itself SS24
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[In a state of Dionysiac intoxication] man is no longer an artist ...
he has become a work of art ...out of the noblest clay, the most precious marble, man, is kneaded and hewn [by]the Dionysiac world artist SS1
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It is only as an aesthetic...
phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified SS5
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‘Music … [is] not a
replica of phenomena, but the direct replica of the will itself complemented everything physical in the world with a representation of the thing-in-itself [Wagner aware] SS16
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Lyric poetry can
express nothing that was not already universally present … within the music that compelled the poet to use the language of images SS6
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is primary and universal SS3+3
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What is Socrates?
‘a theoretical optimist' SS6
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(The Illiad): the serious, the troubled, the sad, the gloomy …
the whole divine comedy of life, including the inferno’
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[Apollo is] the ...


glorious divine image of the principium individuationis

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But, at this juncture, when the


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Euripides [separates] ...


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Optimistic dialectic ...


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