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2. Who is the Director of Player Personel of the New York Jets?

  • Tom Jerry
  • Rod Graves
  • John Terry
  • Declan McPartlin

3. Who is Rex Ryan?

  • Assistant Special Teams Coach of Washington Redskins
  • Head Coach of the New York Jets
  • Offensive Quality Control Coach of the New York Jets
  • Defensive Co-ordinator of New Orleans Saints

4. Vontaze Burfict plays for?

  • Cincinnatti Bengals
  • Paris Hilton
  • Swansea City AFC
  • England Rugby Team

5. Name the 2 New York Jets pro bowlers

  • Mother Theresa and Bob Dylan
  • Matt Simms and David Garrard
  • Nick Mangold and Antonio Cromartie
  • Bob Geldof and Peaches Geldof




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