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2. Which study found that drugs that decrease serotonin levels increase measures of hostility?

  • Archer et al.
  • Scarbo and Raine
  • Mann et al.
  • Bond

3. What did Dabbs et al find?

  • Testosterone levels in saliva were able to correctly differentiate between violent and non-violent criminals.
  • Low levels of cortisol in habitual violent offenders
  • castrated male mice showed decreased aggression which then increased when given testosterone

4. Describe how cortisol affects aggression

  • It activates areas of the brain dealing with aggression increasing levels of aggression
  • High levels of cortisol inhibits testosterone leading to low levels of testosterone which reduces aggression
  • Inhibits aggressive responses to emotional stimuli
  • Stimulates aggressive responses to emotional stimuli

5. Low levels of serotonin....

  • No aggression
  • Highly aggressive
  • Passive Aggressive


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