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2. In what way does Cortisol influence aggression?

  • It sucks your blood which makes you angry, producing more testosterone and provoking aggression (I ran out of ideas, okay? :/ )
  • It doesn't
  • It influences aggression related hormones
  • It directly influences aggression levels

3. What is the Challenge hypothesis?

  • Getting stressed in challenging circumstances
  • The idea that testosterone levels only rise above the base breeding level in response to social challenges. E.g male-male competition
  • The idea that life is a challenge
  • The idea that testosterone only raises when stressed

4. Is Testosterone said to have an influence on aggression?

  • Maybe
  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

5. Whom of the following carried out a study on Testosterone in aggression?

  • Freud (1956)
  • Archer (1991)
  • Dabbs et al (1987)
  • Bandura (1960)


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