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2. How do the neurones connect in a spinal reflex?

  • Relay > Motor > Sensory
  • Relay > Sensory > Motor
  • Motor > Sensory > Relay
  • Sensory > Motor > Relay
  • Sensory > Relay > Motor
  • Motor > Relay > Sensory

3. What does the transmitter substance bind with once it has diffused across the synapse?

  • Relay neurones
  • Transmitter molecules
  • Receptor molecules
  • Motor neurones

4. Why do neurones have fatty sheaths?

  • So neurones don't get too close together
  • So electrical impulses don't cross over
  • So electrical impulses get to the second neurone faster
  • So the axon's of the neurones don't get tangled together

5. What happens when an impulse reaches a neurone?

  • It sends information to the next neurone
  • It triggers the release of transmitter substances
  • It sets off the effector
  • The neurones bind together


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