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2. What is a synapse?

  • The connection between two neurones
  • A type of receptor
  • A chemical
  • A muscle

3. Finish the sentence: Where one neurone connects to another neurone, the electrical impulse __________________.

  • stops.
  • flows through the blood to the other neurone.
  • is transferred as a chemical impulse and diffuses across the synapse to the other neurone.
  • jumps across the synapse.

4. Finish the sentence: Neurones transmit information as ________

  • Electrical impulses
  • Chemical impulses
  • A chemical
  • Synapse impulses

5. Which one is false?

  • The nose contains smell receptors.
  • Eyes and ears are examples of recpetors.
  • Muscles are effectors.
  • Eyes and ears and sense organs.


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