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2. What is a dermatome?

  • A strip of skin innervated by a single spinal nerve
  • A strip of skin innervated by a single nerve plexus

3. Which meningeal space is not normally present around the spinal cord?

  • The subarachnoid space
  • The subdural space
  • The epidural space

4. What forms the dorsal root ganglion?

  • The perikarya of pseudounipolar efferent neurones
  • The perikarya of pseudounipolar afferent neurones
  • The perikarya of bipolar afferent neurones
  • The synapse between afferent and efferent neurones

5. What moves into the axon during an action potential?

  • Calcium ions
  • Sodium and Potassium ions
  • Sodium ions
  • Potassium ions


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