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2. What was Nero afraid of at the start?

  • If the order was disregarded
  • It wouldn't work
  • Agrippina would find out
  • He would be found out

3. What was the freedmans job?

  • Port warden at Misenum
  • Prefect for the fleet at Baiae
  • Prefect for the fleet at Misenum
  • Commander for the Misenum fleet

4. What was the name of the freedman?

  • Anigitus
  • Anicetus
  • Burrus
  • Britannicus

5. Why did Nero feel confident no one would suspect him?

  • The boat would kill others too
  • The sea is dangerous with the wind and the waves
  • It's his mother
  • He wasn't on the boat


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