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1. What had failed to increase grain production?

  • Grain requisitioning (state terror).
  • Grain retrieving.
  • Increased industrial farming.
  • Increased number of people leaving cities.
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2. What did NEP replace as Bolshevik economic policy?

  • Reduced enemployment.
  • War Communism.
  • Increased exports.
  • High taxes.

3. What did Trotsky describe NEP as?

  • "The first sign of the degeneration of Bolshevism".
  • "The last sign of the degeneration of Bolshevism".
  • "A sign of degeneration of Bolshevism".
  • "Not a sign of the degeneration of Bolshevism".

4. What was NEP intended for?

  • To meet Russia's need for food.
  • To add to War Communism.
  • To reduce private industrial ownership.
  • To pay for the Russo-Japanese War.

5. What replaced grain requisitioning?

  • Tax in kind.
  • Tax out of hand.
  • Grain retrieving.
  • Food ownership.


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