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2. A tumour has elongated spindle-like cells. What is its likely origin?

  • Mesenchymal
  • Lymphocytes
  • Glandular epithelium
  • Non glandular epithelium

3. What does the term sarcoma describe?

  • A malignant mesenchymal tumour
  • A benign mesenchymal tumour
  • A malignant epithelial tumour

4. What cell shape is characteristic of tumours of epithelial origin?

  • Polygonal
  • Round or oval
  • Spindle like

5. A tumour has a cellular architecture that forms many anastamosing lobules of cells. What is its likely origin?

  • Non-glandular epithelium
  • Glandular epithelium
  • Mesenchymal


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