Neo-Marxism Explanations of Inequality

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1. What do Neo-Marxist believe is as important as the ownership to the means of production?

  • The focual of consumerism
  • The control of labour
  • The feelings of those suffering the inequalities
  • The individuals in the superstructure
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2. What did the Neo-Maxist of Frankfurt School find?

  • The working class are reluctant to identify themselves as such
  • The working class place great attention on celebrity culture
  • Popular culture is becoming more globalised and accessable to the poorest
  • The working class undertake false class consciousness

3. Who said; Hegemony is the powerful's way of controlling the working class and persueding them the inequalities are just?

  • Gramsci
  • Bordieu
  • Braverman
  • Venkatesh

4. How does the superstructure (agents of socialisation) reproduce inequalities into the infrastructure (economics)?

  • Through the media
  • Through transmission of dominant theories
  • Through false class consciousness
  • Through the workplace

5. Why do media professionals accept the news as the truth?

  • Because they are racist
  • Because they have false class consciousness
  • Because they are white middle class
  • Because they are the ideological state apparatus


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