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2. What happened in DERRY V PEEK?

  • Involved health food franchises
  • Agreement to prevent C from gambling, breached duty but failed because C could've bet somewhere else.
  • D said they had a licence to runs trams, C sued when they invested and lost money when the licences weren't granted. D not liable.
  • Investor asked insurance company for advice on an investment and sued for the negligent advice given. D not liable.

3. What is the main policy reason to why the courts have been reluctant to allow C to recover for pure economic loss?

  • Compensation for bad bargains
  • Insurance
  • Floodgates
  • Quantifying losses

4. LORD DENNING gave a dissenting judgment in CANDLER saying what?

  • A duty of care is owed when the representor knew his statement would be showed and when the representor knew his statement would be relied on
  • Described a 'special relationship' as 'equivalent to contract'

5. Special skill, reasonable reliance and actual/constructive knowledge are requirements of what?

  • Duty of care
  • 'Special relationship'
  • Breach of duty


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