Nazi Germany Unit 3

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What is Autarky?
Self Suffient- Enough raw materials to win a war.
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How did Germany prepare for war?
The 4 year plan, Autarky and Rearmarments
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Who was responsible for the 4 year plan?
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What is Biltzkreig?
Lightning war
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Why was life good at the start of the war?
Winning because of Biltzkreig- high morale
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When did air raids begin?
1942- began bombing cities
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What was the purpose of air raids?
to disrupt war productions and destroy cilvilan morale
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How many bombing missions were there?
over 1 million
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How many were killied by bombing?
By end of the war 3.5 million
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What damage did the bombs do?
destroyed cities and made people homeless refuges. Diddn't distrupt industry but did lower morale
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Who bombed Germany?
USA by day, UK by night
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How heavy was the bombing?
By 1943 it was relentless
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What were rations like at the start of the war?
Healthy portions- highr than WW1
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When were ration sizes reduced?
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Why were they reduced?
Due to deafeats- Aurtarky failed- food in short supply
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What were people encourged to do?
Eat more exotic foods like obergenes from countries they had taken over- grow their vegtables (gardens and parks dug up)
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What things were considered luxtuaries?
Clothes and ciggerttes
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Were rations fair?
No rich people and important Nazis got more this increased the black market
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Who controlled the Press and Radio?
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How important was radio?
Cheap mass produced radios so everyone had one- Loudspeakers placed in streets- Short wave radios so couldn't pick up signals from Allies
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What was the cinema like?
Nazi traliers with a 45 minute news reel gloryfing Hitler
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How was the newspaper controlled?
Editors were told what they were allowed to put in the paper- if they disobeyed the orders theywere sent to concentration camps
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What were articles/books like?
Writers were made to praise Hitler
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How did Nazis keep up morale?
Propganda posters and campains
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When and what was the Winter war campain?
December 41- donate furs and Jumpers to soliders
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How many were donated?
By Jan 42 1.5 million furs were donated and 67 million jumpers
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Why were the posters so effective?
They played on the fear that the communists would win
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Who was incharge of industry and war productions?
Albert Spear- Minister for Armaments
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Why were there labour shortages?
Men had to go to war
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What did working hours increase to?
60 hours a week
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What did Spear do?
Closed small bussiness' and moved workers to big factories- increased coal and tank production
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Where did Germany get extra resources from?
Conqured land
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When did Nazis turn to force labour?
1942- Jews and polish
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By 1944 they had....
7 million people working for them
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How did life change for women?
Expected to work whilst men were fighting
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By 1943...
women between 17-45 years old had to sign up for work
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In 1944 what percantage of women made up the work force?
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Nazis were...
reluctant to inculde women at first
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What was Total War?
A policy that meant everything and everyone had to contriute towards the war- Total focus
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When was Total war introduced?
1943 by Spear
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How was Total war introduced?
Gobbells made a speech at the Berlin sports center- explained about scarifice
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How did things change during Total war?
Anything that didn't contribute to the war effort was closed and workers were taken to a war factory- No professtional sports people- no manafacturing civilan clothes
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When and where was the first death camp opened?
1942- polish boarder
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What was their purpose?
to kill jews
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When was the decison to kill the made and where was it made?
1942- wannsee conference
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When were the Jews transferred to the camps?
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Who's idea was it and who passed it?
Hitlers idea - Goering passed it
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How did they kill them?
Gas chambers
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Between 42-45 how many jews were killed?
6 million
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Where were most of the camps?
poland- Auschwitz
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How did Germany prepare for war?


The 4 year plan, Autarky and Rearmarments

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Who was responsible for the 4 year plan?


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What is Biltzkreig?


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Why was life good at the start of the war?


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