Nazi Germany 1933-39

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What did Bruning do?
Raised taxes and reduced unemployment benefit
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What Article let Hindenburg rule?
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How did Hitler become chancellor (3 reasons)
Depression, Zusammenstoze - SA beating up opponents, Propaganda
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How many seats did Nazis get in 1932
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Which two people were chancellor before Hitler?
Franz von Papen and von Schleicher
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When did Hitler become chancellor
30 January 1933
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When was Reichstag Fire, who was found inside?
27 February 1933, Marinus van der Lubbe
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What law was passed after it?
The Law for the Protection of the People and the State
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What did Hitler introduce on 23 March 1933
Enabling Law
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What majority was needed to pass Enabling Law
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Who was leader of SA, why was he an embarassment to Hitler?
Ernst Roehm - homosexual, socialist, wanted control of the army, still fighting on streets
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What name is given to 30 June 1934? Who was killed
Night of the Long Knives, Roehm, SA leaders, von Schleicher
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When did Hindenburg die? What happened on the same day?
2 August 1934, Hitler declared himself Fuhrer and army swore allegiance to him
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Two branches of **? What did they do?
Death Head Units - ran concentration camps and Gestapo - spied on people, arrested them at night
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Two oppsotion groups of Hitler?
Edelweiss Pirates and White Rose Movement
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Name 4 concentration camps
Dachau, Flossenburg, Ravensbruck, Mautheausen
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How did Geobells advertise?
Newspapers, cinema, radio, rallies
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What happened in 1936 Olympics?
Wanted to show off Aryan race but when Jesse Owens won 4 gold medlas Nazi spirits were dampened
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What was in every block of flats?
A staircase ruler who'd report grumblers to police
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What was signed with the Catholic Church and when?
Concordat in 1933
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What happened to Protestant churches? Two ministers who opposed?
Reich Church, Paul Schneider and Martin Niemoller
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How was history, biology and maths taught?
History - how Weimar republic betrayed Germany. Biology - taught about master aryan race (Jews brought to front to have features mocked. Maths - questions like 'fuel needed to bomb Jews of Warsaw'
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How was P.E taught?
Given extra time, better to be fit and healthy than to learn 'dead facts' in classroom
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Where were boys aged 12 to 18 sent? Then where was the best sent?
Reichsfuhrer schools, then Ordernsburgen
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What were girls taught?
How to be a good mother, eugenics, how to cook, clean and sew
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How many Germans belonged to Hitler Youth by 1938?
8 million
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What movement was set up for girls?
The League of German Maidens (BDM)
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What did every member of HJ have? Where were the best sent?
A performance book, Adolf Hitler
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Who was minister of the economy 1934-37?
Hjalmar Schacht
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What did the National Labour Service do?
Sent men aged 18 to 25 to camps to work. Pocket money instead of wages, building Autobahns, hospitals and schools
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What brought the greatest fall in unemployment?
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Who was dismissed from jobs which made them more available?
Women and Jews
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Why did the economy overheat?
Public spending
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What is Autarky? What was drawn up to do it?
Self-suffiency, Four Year Plan
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Why did economic and foreign policy overlap?
Lebensraum became an economic policy when Germany took over countries to gain more raw materials
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How did the government treat its citizens?
Like a demanding father, this is called paternalism.
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What is DAF? Name two branches of it.
German Labour Front. Beauty of Work (SdA) movement and Strength through Joy (KdF)
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What cheap car was manufactured so everyone could have one?
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What happened to alcoholics?
Sent to concentration camps
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What health breakthorughs did Germany have?
First country to realise smoking caused cancer and to start screening for breat cancer.
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What act prevented cruelty to animals? When was it passed?
Reich Nature Protection Act (1935)
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What chamber did performers have to be part of?
The Reich Chamber of Culture
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What music was okay? (3 artists)
Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart
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What happened to homosexuals? What was jazz thought of?
Sent to concentration camps. It was banned because of black origin.
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What are the three C's? And the K's?
Children, Cooker, Church (Kinder, Kuche, Kirche)
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How much was given to newly married couples? How much per child?
1000 marks. 250 kept for each child
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How were women encouraged to appear?
No make-up, hair in bun or plaits, slimming discouraged because not good for child bearing
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What happened to the Jews in 1933 and 34
Boycott of Jewish shops in 1933. After 1934, star of David to be worn to identify them
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What two things did Nuremburg Laws do? When were they?
Jews no longer German citizens, no sexual relations with Germans
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What was Night of Broken Glass, when did it happen?
November 1938, Kristalnacht happened. Thousands of Jews arrested and nearly a hundred killed when a Jew shot a Nazi official in Paris.
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What did the Nazis do before sending Jews to concentration camps?
Einstatzgruppen shot them, but process was slow and distressing for the ** members
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Where were the sick, old, children, and pregnant women sent? Where did they think they were going?
Gas chambers, they were told they were being deloused.
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What did Dr. Josef Mengele do?
Scientific experiments on Jews
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How many Jews died in the Nazi Holocaust?
Six million
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What other groups were persecuted? (Name 6)
Gypsies, black people, mentally and physically disabled, alcoholics, tramps, homosexuals
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What law was passed in 1934?
The Sterilisation Law
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What did Clemens von Galen do?
Denounced his practice to stop the euthanasia programme 'life unworthy of life' in 1941.
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