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2. Why was the NOVEMBER election seen as a failure to many Nazis in 1932?

  • Their votes (and seat numbers) had dropped from 230- 196 however they were still the majority in the Reichstag!
  • The SA had been a negative impact so they knew they had to reduce the violence.
  • They lost the election by 33.7% of the votes
  • Their leader was sent to prison

3. Who was head of propaganda and helped to persuade the public to vote for Nazis in 1929-33?

  • Anton Drexler
  • Joseph Goebbels
  • Hitler
  • Himmler

4. What did the enabling act (passed in 1933) allow Hitler to do?

  • Make laws without consulting the Reichstag for the next 4 years
  • Take charge over the country in a time of need
  • Make laws without the President
  • Make laws with his advisors

5. why did the depression give and advantage to the Nazis and their popularity?

  • people did not blame Germany's failures on the government
  • The Nazis could give them money
  • people were desperate and wanted a saviour
  • people were content with their lives


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