Nazi rise in popularity 1929-33

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1. Why was the NOVEMBER election seen as a failure to many Nazis in 1932?

  • Their votes (and seat numbers) had dropped from 230- 196 however they were still the majority in the Reichstag!
  • The SA had been a negative impact so they knew they had to reduce the violence.
  • They lost the election by 33.7% of the votes
  • Their leader was sent to prison
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2. Who were the SA?

  • Storm troopers- they were made to protects the Nazi party by beating up opponents, intimidating others and displaying order and control of the Nazi party.
  • Hitlers personal private army made in 1934
  • Men who were employed for Hitler for daily tasks
  • The secret police

3. How many seats did the Nazi party have in the Reichstag in 1932 (july)?

  • 400
  • 12
  • 230
  • 190

4. What did Hitler use the enabling act to do?

  • Become the president in 1930
  • Just send people to concentration camps
  • Ban opposing parties, Ban trade unions, Use fear to intimidate Germans and put nazis incharge of states
  • Make the Reichstag fire, create the SS, make the 25 point programme and change the Nazi logo

5. When did Hitler become Chancellor?

  • 1938
  • January 1933
  • November 1933
  • July 1934


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