Nazi policies to reduce unemployment.

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1. what was the strength through joy scheme?

  • where the Germans had to work hard for the state and feel euphoric afterwards
  • a scheme where workers were given incentives like cruises if they worked hard.
  • where everyone had to do 40 press ups a day to get a chocolate bar
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2. give a unemployment policy that helped Germany prepare for war

  • rearmament
  • tree planting
  • dentistry
  • reduced unemployment

3. what was the effect of the numerous unemployment policies?

  • it increased political opposition as the communists hated working
  • a lot more trees were planted
  • reduced political opposition, social and military improvement.
  • it reduced unemployment

4. what was the the labour service?

  • an organisation that provided manual labour for the unemployed, this often involved autobahns and public buildings.
  • a scheme where all men over 16 had to do 40 press ups a day
  • an organisation dedicated to planting trees in town centres.
  • a group of people that gave jobs to old men with little pensions.

5. what was the labour front?

  • a scheme where the unemployed had to do manual work.
  • an organisation set up to ensure that everyone could work
  • an organisation set up by Hitler to give fair employment to employees and regulated hours and pay
  • a special t-shirt with labour front printed on it.


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