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2. what are 2 economic effects of the wall street crash?

  • people spent more money and banks suffered huge losses.
  • unemployment rose and banks became rich.
  • banks suffered huge losses and unemployment rose.
  • banks suffered huge losses and people became wealthier.

3. what new party did hitler set up?

  • the nsdap.
  • the **.
  • the tea party.
  • the sa.

4. how many votes did the nazis poll in 1928?

  • 25,000 voteswho wor
  • 812,000 votes
  • 810,000 votes
  • 320,000 votes

5. why did hitler reorganise his party?

  • so it was a street one.
  • to make it more efficient and prepared.
  • to not win support.
  • so everyone could make it.


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