nazi germany

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1. how did goebbels put across nazi ideals?

  • posters, nazi newspapers and meetings.
  • meetings, at restaurants and in parks.
  • on the internet, nazi newspapers and leaflets.
  • on tv, twitter and posters
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2. who worked with hitler to improve nazi propaganda?

  • dr putin
  • dr drexler
  • dr joseph goebbels
  • dr dr

3. what did heinrich bruning propose about political action for the wall street crash?

  • raise taxes and make houses cheaper.
  • make savings go up and reduce unemployment benefit to make payments more affordable.
  • raising taxes to pay cost of unemployment benefit and reducing unemployment benefit to make payments more affordable.
  • raise unemployment benefit and help people to earn more money.

4. how many seats did the nazis win in the 1928 elections?

  • 12 seats
  • 30 seats
  • 50 seats
  • 120 seats

5. why did hitler reorganise his party?

  • so everyone could make it.
  • to not win support.
  • to make it more efficient and prepared.
  • so it was a street one.


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