nature of sport in the USA

quiz on USA and sport

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1. what is the american dream?

  • as long as you are good looking you can succeed
  • only the rich can succeed
  • rags to riches
  • your parents have to be successful
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2. which one of these is NOT a NFL team?

  • Chicago Packers
  • Detroit Lions
  • New York Giants
  • New England Patriots

3. what is the most watched sport in the USA?

  • NFL
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball

4. what will happen if you are a brilliant athlete at high school?

  • college and university scholarships
  • you stay at high school for an extra year
  • you get free health care
  • you get transferred to a better high school

5. When did European games arrive in the USA?

  • 1900's
  • 1800's
  • 2000's
  • 1700's


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