natural moral law

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background of aquinas
• Aquinas developed Stoics and Aristotle, St Paul ‘law written in hearts’ of Gentiles, Cicero ‘true law is right reason in agreement with nature’ a) Stoicism: taught the world is ordered by a universal law
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background of argument
• Absolute, deontological and objective Christian theory, empiricis
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aquinas emotion quote
c) Evil – ‘to have emotion was to be diseased’
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aristotle quote
‘wood burns in Greece and wood also burns in Persia’
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eudemonia) is the ultimate and highest good, this is our telos
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efficient cause
• God created nature with purpose, God is the efficient cause - Humans can use their reason to find out the purpose of nature
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how to fufill god's will
- Can fulfil God’s will by living according to nature and not interfering with it
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final cause
reunited with God in the afterlife, final cause - Humans made in the image of God so must develop this image- perfection - Perfection not achievable in this life; happiness begins in this life and continues into the next
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final cause quote
• “Good is to be pursued and evil is to be avoided”
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• Non-Christians need to use reason (natural law) and the word of God (divine law) to reach God
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eternal law 1)
the principles by which God made and controls the universe which are only fully known by God
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divine law 2)
The Bible- reflects the eternal law
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natural law 3)
the moral law of God which has been built into human nature
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human law 4)
Rules we follow in society
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natural inclinations
Aquinas thought God instilled an inclination into all humans to behave in a certain way -> leads to the highest good
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Apparent good
something which seems good/right but does not fit the perfect human ideal
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interior act
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exterior act
the act
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primary precepts
- Preserve life - Reproduce - Nurture and educate the young (to learn) - Live peacefully in society - Worship God
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primary precepts quote
Natural law is the same for all men
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secondary precepts
worked out from PP, telos, own judgement
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doctrine of double effect
good act even if it brings a bad consequence so long as these bad consequences are unintended
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background of argument


• Absolute, deontological and objective Christian theory, empiricis

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