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2. What are the four factors that increase the risk of hazards?

  • Poverty, Farming, Urbanisation and Climate Change
  • Poverty, Farming, Deforestation and Climate Change
  • Poverty, Flooding, Urbanisation and Climate Change
  • Poverty, Farming, Urbanisation and Infrastructure

3. How does poverty affect the risk of hazards?

  • Houses are built in cities
  • People build on unstable slopes prone to landslides
  • People cause landslides
  • People build on beaches prone to flooding

4. What is the definition of a natural hazard?

  • Anything that is a threat to humans
  • An extreme event caused by humans that causes harm to nature
  • An extreme event that occurs naturally and causes harm to humans
  • A natural event

5. What is an example of an atmospheric hazard?

  • Wind
  • Flooding
  • Landslides
  • Mudflows


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