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1. what is therapeutic cloning?

  • it is cloning one of your cells to produce an embryo, then taking stem cells from it and putting them into the body therefor the immune system would not recognize it as a foreign
  • making a baby using IVF
  • making electronic babies
  • designing computers
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2. what is a dominant allele?

  • a strong gene carrying overriding characteristics, you only need 1 copy to inherit the feature
  • a type of disease
  • someone who is very commanding and stubborn
  • you need 2 copies to inherit the feature

3. what is a clone?

  • girls with the same haircut
  • a genetically identical organism
  • people who live together
  • people with the same eye color

4. what are stem cells?

  • cells with no function
  • specialized cells found in and embryo that can later become any type off cell
  • cells found in plants
  • types of cancer cells

5. place these in order from the biggest to the smallest:gene, nucleus, DNA, cell, chromosome

  • cell,nucleus,chromosome,gene,DNA
  • cell,DNA,gene,chromosome,nucleus
  • cell,nucleus,chromosome,DNA,gene
  • cell,nucleus,gene,chromosome,DNA


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