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2. Which of these is not an example of allometric growth?

  • Male fiddler crab claw growth
  • All of these are an example of allometric growth
  • Relative head size in humans
  • Jaw structure in baboons

3. What type of mutation is used in DNA fingerprinting?

  • Variable number base tandem repeats
  • Insertions
  • Point mutations
  • Deletions

4. Which view of developmental repatterning and fitness is better?

  • Golhschmidt's saltationist view - large-effect mutations are especially important to evolution
  • Fisher's gradulatist view - mutations with large phenotypic effect contribute to evolution because they inevitably lead to decreased fitness

5. Which types of chromosomal mutations are the least damaging to an organism's fitness?

  • Inversion
  • Translocation
  • Deletion


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