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1. Why was there a march on Rome October 1922?

  • Mussolini was on the verge of accepting power bu told to hold out for more
  • He wanted a civil war against the monarchy
  • He was a bit crazy and wanted anarchy
  • He didn't like the art in Rome so he wanted to smash it up
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2. Why did Mussolini launch the battle for grain 1925?

  • to free Italy from 'the slavery of foreign bread' and make it autarky
  • He fell out with the British Prime Minister and needed more bread
  • All the fields in Italy had flooded so he needed to build them up again
  • All the imported ships had been sunk and there were threats in the sea

3. Why did the king of Italy appoint Mussolini PM?

  • He doesn't want Civil war and him to loose his position or his head
  • He had heart problems and it was straining him to be in charge
  • He doesn't want to upset his mummy, because she loves Mussolini
  • He can't be bothered to run the country any more so he just lets Mussolini

4. Why did the Aventine Secession take place 1924?

  • the king went on strike
  • After the death of Matteoti, resigned parliament members set up their own party
  • After Mussolini got into parliament, the government went on strike
  • the king died

5. Why did the Fascist party win an overwhelming election victory 1924?

  • by using blackmail and rigging the election so 100% voted for them
  • through fear and intimidation, with Mussolini's speeches about Italy
  • using witchcraft and wizardry to force people to vote for Fascism
  • He was so attractive every lady in Italy voted for him and urged everyone


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