Muslim and Christian attitudes to drugs and alcohol

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All Muslims should avoid intoxicants
Drugs and alcohol can affect a person and hinder daily lives
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Drugs and alcohol
Will have a negative effect on a person’s relationships with others
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Muhammad referred to alcohol as
“ the mother of all sins”
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The Qur’an says
Intoxicants are haram (forbidden)
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Effects of drugs would mean Muslims
Would not be able to pray or perform their religious duties
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Effect of drugs could mean
That Muslims are more likely to commit other sins
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Use of certain drugs are illegal in the UK
Carries severe punishments in Muslim countries
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The Bible teaches God created human bodies and we should not abuse them
Illegal drugs are illegal because they are dangerous
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Drug abuse leads to
Family breakups, makes people antisocial, users turn to crime to pay for their addiction, change a person’s behaviour
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Reasons for drinking alcohol
Bible does not forbid it, Jesus himself drank wine, performed a miracle of turning water into wine, Jesus gave his disciples wine at the Last Supper
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Reasons for not drinking alcohol
Impairs a person’s judgement, their ability to act in a Christian way, Alcohol today much stronger than in the past,
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Social and health problems caused by drugs and alcohol
Violence, debt, addiction, crime, homelessness, overdose, serious illness, family relationship breakdown, mental illness, unemployment, disorderly behaviour
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Binge drinking
Drinking twice the recommended amount
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Health problems
Heart disease, stroke, liver disease and cancer
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Mental illness
Psychological and emotional breakdowns common effects
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Smoking leads to a range of health problems
Cancer, lung disease and high blood pressure
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A recurring compulsion to engage in an activity regardless of it’s bad effects
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Capital punishment
The death penalty for a crime or offence
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An act against the law
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The ides that punishments should be of such a nature that they will put people off ( deter) committing crimes
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The act of judging people and their actions
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Due allocation of reward and punishment/the maintenance of what is right
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Rules made by parliament and enforceable by the courts
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The idea that punishments should try to change criminals so that they will not commit crimes again
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Restore to normal life
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Being responsible for one’s actions
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The idea that punishments should make criminals pay for what they have done wrong
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An act against the will of God
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Will have a negative effect on a person’s relationships with others


Drugs and alcohol

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“ the mother of all sins”


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Intoxicants are haram (forbidden)


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Would not be able to pray or perform their religious duties


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