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1. Give three melody related points that happen in the opening

  • Periodic Phrasing, mostly diatonic, falling game triad
  • Dissonant, sequences, conjunct figure
  • Inversion, based around motifs, periodic phrasing
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2. What type of structure is the piece?

  • Ternary Form (ABA) +Coda
  • Sonata Form
  • Arch Form

3. What Keys does the piece modulate through?

  • G, Eb, Bb, G
  • It doesn't modulate
  • It is modal

4. What neoclassical feature has to do with structure&tonality?

  • Having a coda
  • The unrelated key in section B
  • Being in the tonic ket at the end

5. When is the trumpet cadenza?

  • Bar 49
  • Bar 39
  • Bar 40


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