Music AoS 2 Revision - Changing Directions in Western Music

This is the second area of study for the Edexcel gcse music for 2009, 1010 etc.

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1. What is Atonality?

  • Using only flat or sharp notes
  • Doesn't have a key
  • A new structure
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2. Which is a typical feature of Expressionism and Serialism?

  • Lots of vocals
  • Lots of dissonance
  • Lots of stringed Instruments
  • Lots of tonality

3. What are Vocables?

  • Vocal harmonies
  • Vocal noises eg. screaming, coughing
  • Vocal lines

4. Who is recognised as a Serialism artist?

  • Mozart
  • Schoenberg
  • Jogn Cage

5. What is retrograde?

  • Notes in reverse order
  • Notes turned upside down (intervals)
  • Notes moved to another key


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