Music AoS 1 Revision - Structure in Western Classical Music

Edexcel AoS 1 Structure in Western Classical Music

For anyone taking their Edexcel Exam in 2009, 2010, and so on

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1. What is Modulation?

  • Changing Time Signature
  • Changing Key
  • Changing Pitch
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2. Which Cleff would an alto voice, flute, clarinet and violin be written in?

  • Tenor Cleff
  • Trebble Cleff
  • C Clef
  • Bass Cleff

3. Which order is correct (slow to fast)?

  • larghetto, moderato, vivace
  • allegro, moderato, vivace, presto
  • allegro, vivace, presto, moderato
  • Larghetto, andante, larghetto, allegro, presto
  • moderato, vivace, adagio, presto

4. What is ostinato?

  • Increase Speed
  • Repeated Bass Part
  • When all instrumnets play together
  • Drone

5. Motivic Development means you develop all of the tune.

  • False
  • True


Samuel Richardson


This is a very long quiz that covers a wide variety of features of the Western Classical Tradition. The variety of questions here will really test how well you have revised!

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