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1. What does the melody mean?

  • The tune of the piece
  • When there is a pause in the piece
  • How many people there are playing in an orchestra or group thick or thin
  • Comes in boldly and grows out/or the other way round
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2. What is the middle note on the piano known as?

  • O
  • C
  • F
  • A

3. What is the key signature?

  • If you play in a different key (B flat or F#)
  • The bass clef
  • If you play the note higher then the one before
  • If there's more then one quaver in a bar

4. what is the note with a 1/4 beat called?

  • semiquaver
  • dotted crochet
  • semibrieve
  • quaver

5. What is the note with 1 beat called?

  • semibrieve
  • dotted minim
  • Crochet
  • minim


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