Music Technology Quiz (Mix of Topics)

1. A way to change delay time on tape delay?

  • Remove some tape
  • Move the tape heads closer together
  • Add more tape
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2. Two advantages of tape would be...

  • Cross-Fading and Changing the Speed
  • Durable and Cheap
  • Can record infinite amounts onto it and unlikely to break

3. What is a Transducer

  • Converts mono to stereo
  • Converts one energy form to another
  • A Microphone

4. Slipknot would be described as ...

  • Hip-Hop
  • Punk Rock
  • Nu Metal
  • Indie Rock

5. Two words to describe a Saw-Tooth wave sound

  • Smooth and Soft
  • Clear and Bright
  • Hollow and Smooth
  • Muddy and Quiet


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