Music Technology Quiz (Mix of Topics)

1. Slipknot would be described as ...

  • Indie Rock
  • Nu Metal
  • Punk Rock
  • Hip-Hop
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2. Which best describes bidirectional microphones?

  • Figure of 8, picks up equal from behind and infront
  • Heart shaped, picks up most from the font
  • Like a circle, picks up perfectly from any angle

3. Parameter(s) of Low Pass Filters...

  • Depth, Rate, Feedback
  • Resonance, Drive, Cut Off
  • Wet/Dry Mix

4. What is an oscillator?

  • Specifically something that creates sound digitally
  • Anything that moves between two values smoothly to create a sound
  • Anything that creates sound

5. A way to change delay time on tape delay?

  • Remove some tape
  • Move the tape heads closer together
  • Add more tape


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