Music Technology Quiz (Mix of Topics)

1. A low pass filter effects...

  • both high and low signals
  • only the high signals
  • only the low signals
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2. A dynamic microphone is...

  • Strong, versatile, used often for vocals
  • Delicate with a wide audio signal, not for high volumes

3. What is wet/dry mix?

  • How long the echoes are
  • The time between each echo
  • How loud the echo is in comparison to the original
  • How many echos after the original note

4. Which best describes bidirectional microphones?

  • Like a circle, picks up perfectly from any angle
  • Figure of 8, picks up equal from behind and infront
  • Heart shaped, picks up most from the font

5. What is the delay time for Slapback?

  • 20-40ms
  • 0-20ms
  • 60-100ms
  • 20-60ms


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