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What is Conjunct?
Notes in a melody move step by step no leaping like octaves
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What is a Passing Note?
A note in a melody which connects two notes that are of the same harmony
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What is a Sequence?
a melodic phrase repeated immediately at a different pitch
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What is Disjunct?
Leaps in the melody
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What is Triadic?
Uses only notes that belong to a triad
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What is Scalic
Follows the order of a particular scale
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What is inversion?
a tune is turned upside down
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What is Glissando?
Pitch bend
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What is Ostinato
a repeated pattern/melody
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What are blue notes?
notes in jazz music flattened on purpose
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Acciaccatura means...
to fit the harmony
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Appogiatura means...
steals half the note value of the crotchet
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Trill means...
swap between two notes quickly
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Higher Mordent means...
swap once with next highest note
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Lower Mordent Means...
swap once with next lowest note
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Articulation means...
how to ply the melody
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Legato means to play...
smoothly (slur)
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Staccato means to...
play short and detatched
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sudden strong accent
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One note higher. Then back to orih=ginal. Then one note lower. Then back to original.
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Mordent, trill and turn are just some of the ways of...
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TIMBRE means...
Type of sound
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What is distortion
It distorts the sound
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What's reverb?
adds an echo to the sound
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What is a chorus
creates a slightly delayed copy of the original sound and combines the two making it sound like there's more than one player
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What is a Phaser?
Creates a 'whooshing' effect
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Flanger is...
similar to a phaser but makes more intense sound
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Pitch Shifting is...
used to bend the natural note or add another harmony
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What's Octave Effects?
Creates Octaves abover or below the note being played
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pianissimo-very quiet
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mezzopiano-fairly quiet
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fortissimo-very loud
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mezzoforte-fairly loud
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Diminuendo-getting quieter
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What does an Accent do?
tells you to emphasise the a note
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What is Sonata Form?
A type of musical form used in the classical period
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Sonata has 3 main sections
Exposition, Development, Recapitualtion
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Where the composer presents the tunes they are going to use
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Where the music of exposition is put intt 3 different keys
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Where the composer repeats the music of the exposition in a slightly different way. Very often the composer adds a coda to round off the movement
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What is structure and form?
The way a peice of music is set out
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What form is Binary?
2 sections - A B
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What form is Ternary
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Rondo Form is...
A B A C A D....form
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Arch shape form is..
A B C B A form
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What is Theme and Variations?
Starting a piece of music with a certain melody/theme, then repeating it several times but changing it slightly
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Minuet and Trio means...
In 3/4 time. Dance Music . slow. The trio forms the middle section (b) of a ternary (a b a) followed by a repeat of the minuet (a) . thin texture
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Strophic means...
when the same music is repeated for different verses in a song. Pop songs are strphic
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Through Comopsed
Opposite of strophic, with new music for each verse in a song. The music develops, changing to reflect different moods or situations described in the text
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Pop Songs..
Contain: Verses, shoruses, intros and outros, fills/bridge
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What is a Passing Note?


A note in a melody which connects two notes that are of the same harmony

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What is a Sequence?


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What is Disjunct?


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What is Triadic?


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