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1. What is a Sequence?

  • uses the harmony
  • a melodic phrase repeated immediately at a different pitch
  • notes in a melody move step by step, no leaping like octaves
  • follows the order of a particular scale
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2. Legato means to play...

  • smoothly (slur)
  • fast speed
  • short and detachted
  • moderate speed


  • Where the music of the expositon is put into 2 different keys, or it is changed/developed in some way
  • Where the music of exposition is put intt 3 different keys
  • Changing the harmony and melody

4. Lower Mordent Means...

  • swap once with next lowest note
  • swap once with next highest note

5. Mordent, trill and turn are just some of the ways of...

  • Ornamentation
  • Articulation


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