Music Industry Venue Management and Studio Management

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1. which is NOT the responsibility of Venue Management?

  • Book artists
  • Book accommodation for the performing artists
  • Give consistent and excellent level of service to clients (paying customers)
  • Assist with preparations of shows & supervise the whole process
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2. What does PPL stand for?

  • Pineapples prod lemons
  • Phonographic Performance LTD
  • People's performance licence

3. Which is the responsibility of Venue Management (for example the people that run the Pier or the Playhouse)

  • Provide A&R (artist and repertoire)
  • Collect royalties
  • Check Health & Safety at the venue is up-to-date
  • De-rig the stage

4. What is the name of the licence needed for performing in public

  • PRS
  • MCPS
  • VPL
  • A&R

5. What does PPL do?

  • allows you to play RECORDED music in public
  • allows you to have bands play live


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