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2. What is an appoggiatura?

  • A leaning in note (like a ghost or grace note)
  • A fast trill
  • The note is played at the same time as the subdominant in the bass register

3. Describe the word painting on the lyric "Pleas'd"

  • The perfect cadence resolves the section
  • The lighter texture and key change to D# makes the piece seem lighter and more pleasing

4. Describe the vocal melody

  • Mixture of melisma and syllabic word setting
  • Entirely syllabic word setting
  • Entirely melismatic word setting
  • Almost entirely melismatic but with syllabic moments

5. What is the reason for the ground bass playing chromatic notes?

  • To complete the chords, which makes the piece sound resonant and full
  • Tonal ambiguity, which is unsettling
  • To match the tonality of the voice


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