Muscular physiology

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1. What is the function of myosin light chain kinase?

  • To remove the phosphate group from the myosin light filament
  • Phosphorylation of myosin light filament
  • To move calcium ions out of the sarcoplasm
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2. What is the A-band?

  • The dark zone seen on histological specimens
  • The light stripe in the centre of a sarcomere
  • The light zones seen on histological specimens
  • The dark striations seen on histological specimens

3. What are the dark striations that appear on histological slides?

  • A-band
  • Z-discs
  • H-zone
  • I-band

4. What membrane surrounds a muscle?

  • Perimysium
  • Epimysium
  • Sarcolemma
  • Endomysium

5. What is isotropism dependent on?

  • Calcium ion levels
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • Dromotropism
  • The SA node


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