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1. This muscle works together in groups or against each other. They facilitate movement , maintain posture + body temperature and aid venous return and lympth flow . What muscle is this ?

  • Cardiac Muscle
  • Voluntary Muscle
  • Involuntary Muscle
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2. Its bound together by connective tissue which allows nerve impulses to pass through

  • Cardiac Muscle
  • Involuntary muscle
  • Voluntary muscle

3. What is the function of involuntary muscle?

  • Stimulates and retracts organs
  • Contracts walls of blood vessels and internal organs
  • Contracts only individual fibres of the body

4. What is the function of the voluntary muscle ?

  • Contracts strongly when stimulated to provide voluntary movement
  • Contracts involuntary to stimulate movement
  • Contracts and detracts movement in the limbs

5. What is the function of a cardiac muscle ?

  • Stimulates the walls of the heart
  • Rhythmic beating of the heart
  • Contracts and detracts the blood vessels around the heart


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