Multi-store Model of Memory + key studies

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1. The participants of the 1966 study were then asked to recall the words either immediately or 20 minutes later, what did they find?

  • They could not conclude anything useful because the participants forgot all words in all three conditions
  • When participants recalled immediately they forgot everything, but when they recalled 20 minutes later they remembered more semantically similar words
  • When participants recalled immediately they made the most mistakes with acoustically similar words, whereas after 20 minutes most mistakes were made with the semantically similar words.
  • When participants recalled immediately they remembered almost everything but mostly the semantically similar words, when recalling 20 minutes after participants remember more acoustically similar words
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2. What is the capacity of the STM store and how can it be improved?

  • 7+/-2 and rehearsal
  • 9 and it cannot be improved
  • 7+/-2, chunking and rehearsal
  • 6+/-1, chunking and rehearsal

3. Miller (1956) published a famous paper about the STM called 'The Magical Number _____'

  • Six
  • Seven
  • Nine
  • Four

4. Who produced the Multi-store model of memory?

  • Miller (1956)
  • Atkinson & Shiffrin (1968)
  • Peterson & Peterson (1959)
  • Baddeley (1966)

5. Although the LTM can store information in many ways, it is mostly stored _____/_____

  • semantically/visually
  • visually/acoustically
  • abstractly/semantically
  • acoustically/semantically


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