Multi-store Model of Memory + key studies

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1. What is the capacity and duration of the LTM?

  • Huge capacity, short duration (2 seconds)
  • Huge capacity, long duration (minutes-lifetime)
  • Moderate capacity, short duration (18 seconds)
  • Small capacity, long duration (10 minutes approx)
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2. But this study had ________

  • low ecological validity
  • researcher bias
  • low generalisability

3. The Multi-store Model of Memory has been criticised of over-simplification, what model builds on the Multi-store Memory Model to make it more detailed?

  • The Working Memory Model (Baddeley & Hitch 1974)
  • The Memory Cloud Model (Miller 1969)
  • The Levels of Processing (Craik & Lockheart 1972)

4. Miller (1956) published a famous paper about the STM called 'The Magical Number _____'

  • Seven
  • Four
  • Nine
  • Six

5. What is the capacity and duration of the sensory register?

  • large capacity, very short duration (half a second)
  • small capacity, long duration (one minute)
  • large capacity, moderate duration (half a minute)
  • small capacity, short duration (5 seconds)


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