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2. The sensory register is modality specific - what does this mean?

  • information is held in the same sense it is registered
  • information is remembered vividly
  • information is immediately lost if not used straight away
  • information is stored forever

3. What is the capacity and duration of the sensory register?

  • small capacity, short duration (5 seconds)
  • small capacity, long duration (one minute)
  • large capacity, very short duration (half a second)
  • large capacity, moderate duration (half a minute)

4. Who conducted a study in 1966 that investigated the coding in the STM and LTM stores?

  • Murdock
  • Miller
  • Baddeley
  • Atkinson & Shriffin

5. What is the capacity of the STM store and how can it be improved?

  • 7+/-2 and rehearsal
  • 7+/-2, chunking and rehearsal
  • 6+/-1, chunking and rehearsal
  • 9 and it cannot be improved


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