Multi-store Model of Memory + key studies

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1. What is the capacity and duration of the sensory register?

  • large capacity, very short duration (half a second)
  • small capacity, long duration (one minute)
  • large capacity, moderate duration (half a minute)
  • small capacity, short duration (5 seconds)
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2. What is the capacity and duration of the LTM?

  • Huge capacity, long duration (minutes-lifetime)
  • Huge capacity, short duration (2 seconds)
  • Small capacity, long duration (10 minutes approx)
  • Moderate capacity, short duration (18 seconds)

3. What is chunking?

  • Saying the information out loud
  • Putting information into meaningful wholes e.g BBCITVC4HDMI would be 'chunked' into BBC,ITV,C4,HDMI.
  • Repeating the information over and over again
  • Grouping up lots of different words e.g biology,chemistry,physics would go to biologychemistryphysics

4. What does rehearsal do in the STM?

  • It helps to keep information in the STM or to transfer information into the LTM for indefinite storage.
  • It holds information in the STM forever
  • It causes a loss of memory
  • It helps to transfer information into the LTM where it can be stored for a short amount of time

5. But this study had ________

  • low generalisability
  • low ecological validity
  • researcher bias


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