Multi-store Model of Memory + key studies

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1. Although the LTM can store information in many ways, it is mostly stored _____/_____

  • acoustically/semantically
  • semantically/visually
  • abstractly/semantically
  • visually/acoustically
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2. Who conducted a study in 1966 that investigated the coding in the STM and LTM stores?

  • Atkinson & Shriffin
  • Baddeley
  • Miller
  • Murdock

3. A clinical study of ___ helped to prove functional seperation of the the STM and LTM because after his brain surgery to stop seizures in 1953 he was unable to transfer information to his LTM store but his STM was fine.

  • H.M
  • H.P
  • Miller
  • John Doe

4. But this study had ________

  • low generalisability
  • low ecological validity
  • researcher bias

5. What is the capacity and duration of the sensory register?

  • large capacity, moderate duration (half a minute)
  • large capacity, very short duration (half a second)
  • small capacity, long duration (one minute)
  • small capacity, short duration (5 seconds)


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