Multi-Store Model and Working Memory Model - studies

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Atkinson and Shiffrin
created multi-store model
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Capacity of STM (7+/-2 items)
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Baddeley and Hitch
created Working Memory Model
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Bahrick et al
Duration of LTM. Photo and name recognition with 392 ex-classmates. 90% correct after 15yrs. 75% correct after 48yrs
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Peterson and Peterson
Duration of STM. Trigram recall after distraction (counting backwards in 3s) 80% correct after 3s. 10% correct after 3 secs
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Shallice and Warrington
Strength of WMM. KF case study. Damanged articulatory loop (visual recall intact, couldn't recall verbal)
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Capacity of LTM. Case study of russian journalist (Solomon Shereshevesky). Could remember every detail of life
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Glanzer and Cunitz
Strength of MSM. Primacy and Recency. Recall only words at beginning at end of list
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Encoding STM. 6 acoustically similar and acoustically dissimilar consonants. Dissimilar more easily recalled
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Weakness STM. Not fixed sequence - info. retrieved from LTM to recognise b as 'BEE'
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Baddeley and Hitch
Strength of WMM. Dual task techniques. Sentence checking whilst reading aloud list of 6 digits. Completed both tasks
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Weakness of WMM. Musical memory. Can listen to music whilst carrying out other acoustic tasks
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Craik and Lockhart
Weakness MSM. Things remembered better if processed semantically
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Strength of MSM. Case study HM. Removed Hippocampus. Personality and intellect intact but could no longer for long term memories
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Kulik and Brown
Weakness MSM. Flashbulb memory. Rehearsal not needed for long term memories
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Capacity of STM (7+/-2 items)

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Baddeley and Hitch


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Bahrick et al


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Peterson and Peterson


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