Much Ado About Nothing: Act Four

A quiz on Act Four of Much Ado About Nothing.

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1. Who joins Dogberry and Verges to collect evidence from Borachio and Conrade?

  • Seacoal
  • Oatcake
  • The sexton
  • The friar
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2. What will Hero do if the plan fails?

  • Join a circus
  • Join a nunnery
  • Move to Arrogon
  • Kill herself

3. What does Claudio compare Hero to?

  • A two headed snake
  • A rotten orange
  • A bad apple
  • A prostitute

4. Who performs the wedding ceremony for Claudio and Hero?

  • Friar Seacoal
  • Friar Tuck
  • Friar Francis
  • Friar Verges

5. What does Don Pedro say Hero is?

  • A lying whore
  • A two headed snake
  • A prostitute
  • A harpy


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